When It’s Time

Getting a divorce is painful. The emotional distress you undergo, the pain, the agony, is unfortunate. The pain of losing someone so close scars the mind. It kills at you, and you keep thinking about it, all day. You look at your phone, hoping that persons texting you, but they aren’t. You can’t text them either, you’re not sure why – but something in your brains stopping you. Pride? Who knows. But when it’s time, it’s time – and that’s when it’s too late, and that’s when you need a divorce lawyer.

Hiring a divorce lawyer is important, because without one, you’ll end up worse than you are today. Hiring a divorce lawyer is crucial, because the divorce lawyer will do the thinking for you – and help you divide up your assets in a manner that is fair to YOU and protects your future. Often times, if you’re contemplating divorce, and have kids, then the problem only gets worse. Having kids can be tricky, especially because there are two forms of custody. There is the “physical” custody, and the “legal” custody, of the kids .

Divorce lawyers help you divide up these responsibilities, in addition to helping couples divide up their assets, money, and more. One of the most important things you’ll have to think about, if you’re the husband/wife, is alimony. This payment, can be the biggest issue when a married couple split up. Often times, the reason people hate getting a divorce, is because of this payment. Depending on who makes more money, this can seriously cripple the income of a person.

How does divorce impact immigration?

If you are divorced, this can impact your immigration status. If your spouse is filing for your visa, or green card, the dissolution of the marriage can also result in the suspension of the immigration process. It’s extremely important that you discuss this with your spouse, in addition to hiring an immigration attorney who can help you understand ramifications – and how best to prepare.